Express LineĀ®

Providing products and solutions–when you need them

We offer a host of grinding wheels and diamond tools that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. In fact, everything in our Express Line® service ships the same day you order it–just like the name implies. In addition to our many in-stock tools, this also applies to a complete line of custom-engineered electroplated tools. Don't worry if the selection is a bit daunting; our trained customer service representatives and application engineers can help. It's one more way we make sure you get the most out of everything that AT has to offer.

  • Flexible Diamond Tools: We have Tech-Lok™ discs, Genesis™ discs, Baby-Rok™ discs and Diamond Handpads for shaping, polishing and feathering composite materials. Our Tech-Lok™ discs attach quickly to your existing grinding equipment with twist lock adapters and are great for scarfing, shaping, deburring, feathering and finishing just about any composite material.
  • Saw Blades: Our lineup of Regular Saw Blades, Mounted Saw Blades, Jig Saw Blades and Thin Kerf Saw Blades are well-suited for trimming and cutting fiberglass or composite materials. The Thin Kerf Saw Blades have an interrupted edge for greater swarf clearance and aggressive cutting action.
  • Router Bits: P.B.S.® router bits are designed to trim, route and profile fiberglass and composite materials and are used in portable routers and CNC controlled machine tools. Our 40 mesh diamond router bits are available in straight flat, ball end, demi-bull and full-bull varieties.
  • Core Drills: P.B.S.® core drills are available in 40 mesh and 80 mesh sizes. The former is designed for use on fiberglass and other composite materials, while the latter is best for glass use.
  • Mandrels: While our diamond mandrels are used mainly for jig grinding of carbide tooling, the CBN mandrels are best for high-speed steel tooling. Both the Accu-Point® brand Diamond and CBN Mandrels and the Precision Mandrels are made from a single piece of steel and hardened for maximum rigidity.
  • Hand Files: Easy-to-use flat files like these are designed for finishing rough edges on fiberglass and composite materials.
  • Resin Wheels: These nine wheels are designed to take care of your basic tool room grinding needs.
  • Dressing: With Accu-Tru® and Rotatrim™ products, we offer a cost-effective solution for restoring, dressing and truing your diamond and CBN wheels.